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November 08, 2009



Love it. My God I really need to move to the Seattle area. This stuff just doesn't exist in Chicago! My thanks for allowing me to live vicariously for a few minutes!!


This could not be more wonderful. I miss WA so much after watching this!


Did Garet right this blog post? I know how much he loves the Peninsula.

How many videos left in this season? I don't want it to end!


So, so beautiful. Thanks for the pics. I can't wait to come back. Miss you guys, Yxx


Wonderous.........and beautiful.


A beautiful snippet of an awesome locale---I visited the Olympic Rain Forest when I was age 9 (a bunch of years ago!) and you've helped me revive some spectacular, vivid memories. Thank you so much!
And yes, Mike, we Chicagoans have nothing that compares with magnificence!


oops--I meant this magnificence!


Mike from Chicago said all that needs to be said...
" My God I really need to move to the Seattle area..."
"Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously for a few minutes!!"


Great video. I miss not seeing you more often. I really enjoy your adventures. Thanks for providing the great pictures.


I hope you crack the 200 miles before it gets to cold! Great song choice..one of my favourite Fleetwood songs.

Its startin' to warm up downunder - ive got stacks of campin planned myself..stay tuned fellas.


Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Don't forget us this winter when you are not hiking so much. Love to hear more about you and Seattle

Mark Turner

If you like the Quinalt, take a few days and hike the route of the Press Expedition. Head up the Elwha, cross low divide, and then finish by coming down the Quinalt. Soon after the snow melts out is a good time, which means mid-June.


I love the moss covered trees. There is something so romantic about them. They remind me a bit of trees down South with Spanish moss dripping from their limbs.

That picture of Dusty in the hollowed out log... Too cute for words! :)

Elliptical reviews

No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

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