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October 05, 2009



Yay! This takes me right back. I've got some more photos from this trip here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yogen/sets/72157622031305935/

Love you guys - can't wait to come back again! :)


Hi guys, here is a french canadian. Sorry for my poor english. I enjoy to follow you on your trips. You seem to be so free !! How cam i look at these more photos ??


Another short but sweet hike! Amazing landscapes....the wildflowers are out here at the moment..will be out amongst them very soon Vin


Well, you've done it again. Thanks for the post......and the pics.

Oh and tell Ragasha (or is it Yogen) to allow other to see the photos he's sharing with you guys.

Kelly Lewis

I agree about Yogen's pic.. it's kind of a tease so say they exist and then not be allowed to see. However, I can understand if they are well... revealing. In that case, make just a sample few available as public pics on Flickr. You can also make a private group on Flickr, and share private pics that only (approved) group members can view (photo pool is private and not viewable to outsiders). We're really not interested in explicit pics anyway. Glad to see the Facebook Fan page getting used.
Hey, you guys have another friend (acquaintance) in Japan - I live in Tokyo but loving traveling and doing outdoors stuff all over Japan. Going to Shikoku (Island) in a few weeks to bike and hike.
Someday, you'll have to make the journey for an outdoor trip to Japan (to see Mike) and stop in Tokyo, too. Then you can stop off and camp/hike on the Big Island on your way back.


Beautiful landscapes, beautiful boys...thanks for sharing!


Hmmm photos should be public - I just reset permissions again just in case!

Mark Turner

YAB is a great spot in the fall, too. Hillsides covered in tasty blueberries and spectacular autumn color. It's one of the prettiest spots in the North Cascades. Try going on out the ridge to Tomyhoi sometime.


Holy Shit! Burning man!! I'm soooo jealous.

Camping in river beds is like using local transportation in developing countries. You’ll probably make it through the night, or get to your destination, but the probability of a memorable story is greater. I’ve camped in two riverbeds that have ran over, not fun, but great/funny memories

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