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March 14, 2009



Great followup video fellas. It certainly looks like a beautiful and historical place to visit - you did it proud.

Weather is so unpredicatable and challenaging when camping - as I write this from the back of my ute where Ive been hauled up since 1pm yesterday (now 9am Sunday) with rain! I have been out in it though - juts put on tryruty drizabone (Oil skin jacket). Tassie needs the rain.

As alway - looking forward to your next adventure - my Tassie trip is coming to a rapid close :(


Michael Liang

Garet, I didn't know you had never been to the Atlantic Ocean before!

Loved the video.

Especially when the armadillo ran behind Dusty.


Fascinating video - so different from your western adventures and so beautifully filmed. Bet you ran for a hot shower when you hit the mainland!


Completely Crazy. Minimum requirement for these adventures. Thinking about what you were doing would have been awful... Cold? Teens? I bet you were thanking your lucky hammocks there wasn't snow on the ground when you woke up. And is it true one of you was dreaming
"Snow Angel, Snow Angel,
will you be mine?
My darling dear, love you all the time?
I'm just a fool, a freezing fool in love with you..." :)


It was great to see the continuation of your trip. That weekend was definitely one of the coldest around here in a long, long time. An extremely strong arctic high came through with very strong winds, as you know.

Cumberland Island is such a special place of peace, tranquility and natural beauty. Protecting it from development is a full time challenge for us in Georgia. As the different families who own private property on the island sell and move on, developers are buying the parcels in the hope of building a resort one day in the future.

I hope you have a lot of great adventures in the Spring.

Michael, CANADA

Yes, great follow up. The photography was excellent, have you purchased a new camera??? I liked the different types of cuts, the music was great as well. Another wonderfull adventure. Look forward to the next.


Burrrrr.....I got cold just watching both films. I suppose I wouldn't have been a very good pioneer. My idea of camping is the Hilton. Nevertheless I love you adventures. You do such a good job of bringing us along.


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