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November 29, 2009



There just has to be another adventure... You can't stop at 49 and 194... Just can't!! :)

Besides, you need your other bookend.. You started back in Feb or whenever GA was, and had record lows in the freezing range. You at least need to equal that on the other end for the other bookend for this season!!! :)

A. Lewis

I love love love checking out all of the Cascade Mountain Range when I fly in and out of Seattle or Portland -- from Rainier to Adams to St. Helens to Hood....and on and on. I always say, this is one hell of a beautiful place! Man oh man, are we lucky or what!


Goat Lake is one of my absolute favorite hikes - absolutely beautiful. :)


thank you! Mt. Ranier is so beautiful.....and you've triggered another special camping and hiking memory from my childhood!

I just treasure your awesome videos and photos!

Belated Thanksgiving hugs to both of you...


Beautiful Scenes. Beautiful Boys. Thanks!

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