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June 30, 2009


Bart Feroe

Fantastic adventure, as always. Although I'm sure your long-time fans know this, folks miss a lot if they do not seek out and play the slideshow of the still pictures. They always add an extra dimension to the adventure. Thanks for the opportunity to travel along vicariously. Warmest regards, Bart


I keep on hoping that one of these weekends I'll run into you out there on a trail somewhere, but the chance of that happening are about one in a brazillian.

Have fun guys.


What beautiful landscapes (and boys). Thanks for sharing the trip (and KevyKev) with us.


Wishing Dusty a Happy Belated Birthday! Nice to have you guys back as the stars of your own adventure with KevyKev your costar of course.

Michael Liang

Those painted hills look amazing. I can't wait to see them in person sometime.

Thanks for helping inspire me to make my own videos!

Still interested in Glacier in two weeks?


Those painted hills were truely beautiful. YOu guys are certainly getting out and about this season.

3 days and I will be in Kakadu - only for 2 days, but going to check out some places ive not seen before..will post some pics. Hapy Bday too Dusty


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Hilarious pictures. You were in some gorgeous countryside and had a bunch of fun.

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