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April 12, 2009



Welcome back, lads. Dusty lost his beard...what gives?


luv the video!! again!!!

gbh mn

Start of another adventure filled season! ENJOY ! Thank you for sharing great pics and videos!!


Terrific video - love the crab incident, how to start a fire with a flint and the unparalleled scenery.


Happy Days - the boys are back in the wilderness! The crab incident had me on the floor laughing my backside off!

Looking forward to new trips fellas - big plans for one of my Utes this year too which will see me heading off more often too..will keep you posted..Vin


Burr.......you're a brave pair. Lovely scenery as usual.....and brave you must be to get your nude shots.......keep them coming I love them.


may this year be on you and us, more amazing, more joyful, brilliant and full of love... er!... but now you r full of love... ok!... full of love and trip!:D:D:D:

KJ Mattheis

I hiked at this spot one time and a rogue wave came out of no place and started to wash my pack into the sound, the tide pools are such a fun place to spend some time.


Thank you so much---what a beautiful way to start the season! I always feel like I received a special gift after viewing and reading about one of your adventures.

Happy Spring, guys!


Just discovered your blog, its fantastic, we also love to camp (naked or not, lol) and so will be back to check out your site often! Thanks for sharing!


Welcome back, have a good camping season!

Michael, CANADA

Welcome back guys!!! You both look great!!!!! Dusty, you look great with or withought a beard. Keep those adventures comming. Spring is here and summer is right behind...everyone get out there!!!!


Um, I came across this site looking for places to get married at.... O_O! Thanks for all the um... wonderful photos..... ;) Anyways, Strawberry Beach is the place with the falls? Thats gorgeous. Love it.


this beach looks scenic indeed! and it's good to see you there naked :-)


this beach looks scenic indeed! and it's good to see you there enjoying it naked :-)

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