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November 28, 2008



Its so true - hot springs and clothing just don't mix...Will have to find sme around here! Like the idea of the bios...

keep on hikin boys!


I wanna hear how you two met!

gbh mn

Another fine video - Looking forward to Bio's. Don't you guys have day jobs? ? ? ? No hot springs here - - frozen lakes & ponds!!!
Keep the flasks full for the next adventure.


very nice records & pics... i was there, u made me feel...

keep up to good work!


Garet-- can I send in some oh so flattering pictures of you from your younger day?

Love ya


Bio's I think it's a wonderful idea.....you guys should "flesh" out your coming out (painful?) and include photos of your youth (ok youth is relative as you are both still youths).

Early camping trip experiences with your families......

And I do agree hot springs are for nature (you didn't look when Micah was getting in did you???).

Sorry couldn't resist asking.


I can see your doodle. :)
Yay hot springs!


Hey guys, really like the things you do on this site. Videos are great. If I buy you a new axe will you promise to take me on one of your trips when I get to Seattle, would certainly enjoy skinny-dipping in one of those hot-springs.


Water boils at 100 degrees celsius not 60! LOL...cute


Maybe... But when you add the hotness of the three participants, water could boil at 32!!!

And the guess at 40 C for water temp must be close (104F). The spa has a hot tub that's 104...


You take the best video and photos. Hope you are enjoying the snow. My friend, who live in Seattle, said you had plenty of snow. Hope you both have a wonderful holiday. Keep up the great work.


Awesome video and I love the trip you guys made.. Made the same trip when I was in the Seattle area for my exchange year... cute you mistaked on the Celcius. 100 is boiling.... But I already saw that written above.


What song is that in the last video?

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