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October 08, 2008



Looks fantastic guys! What a great trip. Miss you lots, love you more, counting down the days...



Hey guys,
fantastic video again - I really enjoyed watching it! Can't wait to see the next one!
Best wishes from Germany,


Scenery is breathtaking. You do it justice. I was there once in 1988. Interesting how little narration you had in this episode. This all leaves one a little speechless. Superbly done.
As a fundraiser, have you ever thought about making (and selling) DVD's of your adventures? Maybe you could even add bonus footage never seen online. I'll be first on the waiting list to buy.
I know what you mean about not watching TV. How can you when your TV is so much better than anything broadcast?
Looking forward to more episodes. If you ever get to anywhere on the East Coast, I'll drive to meet you, Dusty and Garet.
Best regards, Bart


Wonderful photos and great video. In my experience (read a 1000 years ago) nothing goes exactly as planned so you just roll with the punches.

The photo of the inside of the lodge brought back memories for me. My father worked there in the summers while he was in college.



I love your adventures and miss the more frequent updates as in the past. You are a great couple. Keep up the great camping tradition and great scenery shots.


Weng Rufa

I wish I can go with you guys. I really like to enjoy nature. Sharing your joy to us is like being there already.

yin domingo

woow ! very wonderful place ! it feels like im with you guys .. ;)

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