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June 18, 2008



Fellas - another great video. Dusty whats going on with the Elvis hair mate!

Looked like real nice drive - the mountains and low cloud with the pines looked very inviting. Strange hearing you guys talk about the Pacific Ocean on your west coast!

The bird calls and sea lion at the end rounded the trip out nicely..Looking forward for a bit more heat down under to get away.

Keep it real fellas...u Have to come down under!



I am currently at work. This post has me completely relaxed with all its beauty. Thank you. 8-)

What an amazing trip you both had.


Awesome as always. The video answered a lot of questions. I was wondering about "that land mass" out in the ocean, for example. You are great story-tellers and do a great job of explaining things. It was fascinating to see the mule deer and the bald eagles. PLEASE keep these travelogues coming! Even if it seems mundane to you, it's fascinating to someone like me way on the other side of the country. This is a vast and diverse country in many ways. Thank you, Garret and Dusty!
Best regards, Bart


Those deer can be tricky. Once in Glacier NP while hiking, we came upon a deer in our paths. We were very quiet as we approached, taking lots of pictures. As we got closer, we started to realize the deer was not afraid of us. In fact, we had to shove it a bit to get it off the path.

About a half mile later, the path led into a parking lot and there were six other additional, unafraid deer, licking the antifreeze off the parking lot. Cars were honking at them. They wouldn't move. So much for nature’s allusions.



I bumped into your sight today as one does thru another blog entirely. I love your sense of adventure.

Ah to be young a beautiful.....and it doesn't hurt that your gay also.....


Hey guys! I am Lucien and Olivier's friend, Kari. I am actually thinking of taking this hike over the weekend with a group of friends after they were telling me all about it. You have intrigued me:) I will let you know how it goes.


Seriously, you make couch potatoes like myself want to get out and explore! Then again I grew up on the rez and have been living in nature since I was a kid, so I'll stick with my cable and wireless internet. lol. ;) peace


Great job on the movies. Can you tell me.... who is the artist and title of the second song on the soundtrack for Ozette Loop video?

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